Miners, it’s time to maximize your profits

Miners, it’s time to maximize your profits

Join the global HashRace and boost your hashrate for 180 days

Our HashRace makes your hashrate more profitable

The more hashrate you put in, the bigger bonus you get out

The HashRace Bonus

Receive a 7.5 TH/s hashrate bonus for every 500 TH/s you contribute to our pool.

The Leaderboard Bonus

Battle to the top 10 of the HashRace Leaderboard to receive a 10 TH/s bonus.

How the 180 day HashRace works

1. Accumulation period

Direct as much hashrate as possible to our pool during the first 90 days to increase your hashrate bonus.

2. Bonus lock-in

At the end of the first 90 days your hashrate bonus will be locked in for the remainder of the HashRace.

3. Post-accumulation period

For the final 90 days, keep your hashrate contribution at 50% or more to continue receiving your full bonus.

When will you receive your hashrate bonus?

Your bonus will be paid out in 30-day intervals

TimelinePayout PercentageHashRace BonusHashRace Leaderboard Bonus
0 - 30 days0%00
30 - 60 days33.3%2.5 TH/s3.3 TH/s
60 - 90 days66.6%5 TH/s6.6 TH/s
90 - 180 days100%7.5 TH/s10 TH/s

HashRace Top 10 Leaderboard

Currently, these miners are contributing the most hashrate to our pool:

HashRace Leaderboard

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